We have several motorcycle both for rent and for guided tours. We mostly use Kawasaki Versys and Suzuki V-Strom becuase of their dual purpose capability. They handle the icelandic variaty of roads perfectly.

riding a motorcycle on a gravel road in IcealandKawasaki Versys 650
Also known as the KLE650, is a middleweight motorcycle. It borrows design elements from dual-purpose bikes, standards, adventure-tourers and sportbikes; sharing characteristics of all, but not neatly fitting into any of those categories. The name Versys is a portmanteau of the words versatile and system.

Quick motorcycle stop between two tunnels in IcelandSuzuki V-Strom 650

Mid-weight, dual-sport motorcycle with a standard riding posture, fuel injection and an aluminum chassis

The name V-Strom combines V, referring to the bike's V engine configuration, with the German word Strom, meaning stream or current.